Mind the Gap was established by a Mum who lives in Buckinghamshire and knows first-hand the challenges of making work, family life, social lifestyle and childcare happen seamlessly. While it’s about making sure there’s as little stress attached as possible in finding the solution which fits best, it’s about convenience too, complete solutions, being as amenable and flexible with needs as possible and making sure everyone is happy!

The principles and ethos of the company underpin the quality of each experience from provision of childcare to customer service and managing the needs and expectations of families perfectly. We include our team members in that scenario and offer many benefits which support their personal circumstances and social lifestyle.

Mind the ‘perfect balance’ Gap: There are solutions to your childcare dilemmas and Mind the Gap works hard to make sure there are no limitations!

From small informal gatherings to weddings and corporate functions, we can accommodate a lot of children. More visitors, less distractions, quality entertainment and a simple solution, taking the hassle out of what to do about the children – are all reasons why you should consider a pop-up crèche for your event, however big or small!

Mind The Gap satisfies your childcare dilemma in an environment which suits your needs best. From Nanny through to Out of School provision supporting busy working parents and Babysitting through to Mobile Creche to supporting busier social lifestyles – we’ll work with you to find the perfect fit.

Committed to quality, childcare practitioners are always assessed for their suitability in meeting your exact needs, DBS checked and qualified and/or trained as standard regardless of qualification.

We know how babies and children ‘tick’ and our overarching aim is to support them and the wider family in achieving everything they need in order to make life happen effortlessly. We’re realists. Parents have to work, children have to learn and play – sometimes there’s a clash but we exist to fill gaps in needs and demands, in early education, in support for first-time parents and importantly to promote quality in the time you do spend together.

That means we’ll do anything at all to help you spend more time with each other. We work with health and external agencies to make sure you have access to what you need to enhance your experiences as a parent and of course, this has positive impacts on your little ones.


We take time to ‘match-make’ our people to the children and families we support. Some people just ‘click’ and this will be crucial to how confident and emotionally resilient the children feel in our care. Our recruitment process includes an informal interview, formal interview and time spent engaging in passionate conversation about the sector, personal plans for development and how much of an impact we want to make.

Doing it this way means we really know and understand what works best for our people and for our little customers so everybody gets the best! We spend time on developing our people, training them in what’s necessary but we’re creative too so we’re always coming up with new things that you and your child can experience and benefit from.

We choose to assess our trainees ourselves because we work hard to achieve the highest quality and standards and we want to remain in control of what this looks and feels like, mentoring and supporting our people in exactly the way they choose in order to feel accomplished!