• L2/L3/L4 NVQ in Childcare, Learning and Development or equiv
  • L3 Diploma Early Years Educator
  • Foundation Degree Education
  • Early Years Professional Status

We take time to ‘match-make’ our people to the children and families we support. Some people just ‘click’ and this will be crucial to how confident and emotionally resilient the children feel in our care. Our recruitment process includes an informal interview, formal interview and time spent engaging in passionate conversation about the sector, personal plans for development and how much of an impact we want to make. Doing it this way means we really know and understand what works best for our people and for our little customers so everybody gets the best! We spend time on developing our people, training them in what’s necessary but we’re creative too so we’re always coming up with new things that you and your child can experience and benefit from. We choose to assess our trainees ourselves because we work hard to achieve the highest quality and standards and we want to remain in control of what this looks and feels like, mentoring and supporting our people in exactly the way they choose in order to feel accomplished!

We develop quality non-accredited and accredited training, some of our courses and workshops will be available by other providers but equally we focus on developing material which is unique to Mind the Gap. If you’d like more information on our training, consultancy and business development support, please contact us.