From small informal gatherings to weddings and corporate functions, we can accommodate a lot of children. More visitors, less distractions, quality entertainment and a simple solution, taking the hassle out of what to do about the children – are all reasons why you should consider a pop-up crèche for your event, however big or small!


  • Corporate Events
  • Business Functions
  • Temporary Office Base
  • Private Parties
  • Weddings
Mind The Gap satisfies your childcare dilemma in an environment which suits your needs best. From Nanny through to Out of School provision supporting busy working parents and Babysitting through to Pop-Up Creche to supporting busier social lifestyles – we’ll work with you to find the perfect fit.
Our Pop-up creche is the perfect solution for corporate hospitality events, business functions, private parties, weddings, etc and is well worth the investment.
For your peace of mind our standards are exceptionally high! All of the Mind the Gap team are trained and either undertaking qualifications or fully qualified.
Children engage in quality activities which have a fun yet educational approach – everything is child led, from play to conversation. Children have the special attention often parents can’t provide 100% of at adult orientated parties/functions – parent’s don’t have to feel guilty about trying to split themselves in two! Adults can increase time spent engaging in quality conversation with guests. Parents have the reassurance they need, knowing the children are well catered for, in every respect! The whole occasion is fully inclusive, it feels like it’s for everyone – which is how we think it should feel!